eucalyptus shower gel 473ml

2.0% Eucalyptus Extract. Bath + Shower.
Amino Acid Hydration Technology - BC-201-16.
8oz. / 236ml.

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Luxuriously lathering, wonderfully hydrating and beautifully scented. Our essential, everyday wash balances natural glycerin with our amino acid technology to deliver a fully hydrating, full hand and body cleanse. Skin rinses free of residue for a soft, smooth after-feel. Natural eucalyptus leaves a light, invigorating scent..

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• amino acid technology thoroughly cleanses without drying.
• natural glycerin hydrates. 
• natural eucalyptus adds an uplifting scent.


Shower. Apply cleanser to wet skin, gently work into lather; rinse clean.

Foaming bath: Three capfuls (or as desired) under running water.

Effective hand cleanser.

Use in conjunction with our Vitamin B5 body moisturizer.

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