cannabis EDP. 50ml

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once defiantly naughty, now inescapably chic + always a rite of passage, cannabis has never been more in vogue. bringing to mind lazy afternoons spent dwelling on a favorite record + the lingering smokiness that clings somewhat inconveniently to clothes, cannabis balances rich, spicy + herbaceous aromas with soft, floral notes of muguet + magnolia. free of thc but heavy on black pepper + bright bergamot, this apothecary staple grounds higher flights of fancy with a base of earthy cedarwood, patchouli + sandalwood. inhale deeply for an experience rife with nostalgia – minus the side effects.

top: bergamot, black pepper + orange.
middle: cannabis accord, muguet + magnolia.
base: cedarwood, patchouli + sandalwood.

genderless + designed to be shared by couples or used individually.
pairs well with bergamot edp.

cannabis scented products.
+ cannabis perfume oil
+ cannabis candle
+ cannabis votive
+ cannabis hand + body wash

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