LEBON Blue Holiday Giftbox

Enjoy these 25 ml exotic flavors made with natural ingredients combined with delicious and exclusive natural notes which makes Lebon toothpaste healthy and so tasty.


Liquorice - Mint
Sweet like a sunny summer day and Mint fresh as a dive into a swimming pool! 

Ylang Ylang - Yuzu - Mint
The Yuzu, little citrus from Asia, is spontaneously fresh, intense and aromatically healthy. The Ylang-Ylang, the “flower of the flowers” is exotic and creamy, with a flavor described as a reminiscent of sunshine. And, as always, a little touch of Mint. 

Green Tea - Sweet Mint
Sweet Moroccan Mint with Green Tea and a powerful natural Whitening Effect thanks to Papaya extracts.

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Blue Holiday Giftbox

Glamorous luxury oral care brand

Key benefits

- Natural flavors 
- 100% organic ingredients 
- Sustainable packaging 
- No artificial fragrances and colors
- Intense fresh taste, optimal dental care

How to apply

Apply the toothpaste on the toothbrush and brush.

About the brand

Lebon toothpastes created by husband and wife duo Richard and Stephanie. Sweetened naturally with Stevia Rebaudiana and boasting aloe vera and green tea extracts, they freshen breath and protect against tooth and gum decay without compromising on style or substance.

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