10% sulfur paste 15ml

10% Active Sulfur. Overnight Treatment Sediment.
Advanced Technology - ST-117-1/2.
1/2oz. / 15ml.

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Our 'Acne Treatment' synthesizes sulfur to address blemishes and oily skin and help minimize breakouts. Perfect to apply during nighttime.


Our highly effective 10% Sulfur Paste synthesizes salicylic acid with 10% active sulfur to dry and medicate acne pimples.  Balanced with organic camphor to help fight impurities, our formula incorporates zinc oxide to aid and help prevent scarring.  We intend for this treatment to be used for occasional adult acne.  Please seek a dermatologist's recommendations for more regular or acute acne conditions.   

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• active sulfur dries.
• salicylic acid exfoliates.
• organic camphor calms.
• zinc oxide is known to reduce signs of scars.


Do not shake. Apply white sulfur sediment (from the clear alcohol solution) with cotton swab directly on to blemish at bedtime as an overnight treatment. The white sediment will harden and can be washed away during morning cleansing.  PLEASE NOTE: Shake excess alcohol from swab and avoid leaving lid off jar as the alcohol easily evaporates, leaving the solution dried and unusable.  Should this happen, or, alcohol is spilled from the jar, simple rubbing alcohol can be added or substituted for future use. 

Use in conjunction with our Grapefruit Face Cleanser and Detox Face Mask.

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