rum body wash 473ml

0,5% Rum Eau de Toilette. Hand + Body.
Amino Acid Hydration Technology - HW 208-16. 16fl.oz. / 473ml

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Our gentle, everyday Rum body wash balances natural glycerin with amino acid technology to hydrate and purify skin. Scented with our best-selling Dark Rum fragrance.

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• naturally derived glycerin and protein amino acids hydrate.
• refreshing Rum Tonic eau de parfum fragrance leaves skin lightly scented.


Apply cleanser to wet hands, gently work into lather; rinse clean.  Maybe be used a a scented shower gel or foaming bubble bath with three pumps (or as desired) under running water.

Use in conjunction with our Vitamin b5 Hand Treatment and Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer.

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